American Turkey in the Court of Mughal Emperor

Source: [1].

For Thanksgiving, I decided to this painting which is kept in the Victoria and Albert Museum in England. It is a painting of a male North American turkey done for the Mughal emperor Jahangir to record its arrival at the court in 1612. Jahangir had asked his friend Muqarrab Khan to procure rare animals of any kind at the port of Cambay (Khambhat), on the western coast of India, and in 1612 a consignment of exotic birds and animals caused a sensation. Jahangir wrote: "as these animals appeared to me to be very strange, I both described them and ordered that painters should draw them in the Jahangir-nama ["Book of Jahangir", the emperor's memoirs, so that the amazement that arose from hearing of them might be increased.

تصویر یک بوقلمون آمریکائی در دربار امپراطوری مغولان هند با خطاطی فارسی که در موزه ویکتوریا و آلبرت در انگلیس نگهداری میشود