Safavid Helmet With a Face Mask

Era: Safavid Empire, Persia.
Date: 16th century.
Material and Technique: Engraved Steel.
Kept in The Moscow Kremlin Museum, Russia.
Sources: [1], [2]
کلاهخود فولادی همراه با نقاب - دوره صفوی  - موزه کرملین در مسکو
This helmet is a rare example of Safavid armors. This helmet is beautifully made and the face mask has a nice looking mustache. It was most likely a gift of a Safavid shah to a Russian Tsar. There are three other helmets similar to this one. Two are kept in Russia, and another has private owner. Such helmets have been used in Iran for many years. The main reason for Safavids to seek relations with Russians was to create a an alliance against the Ottoman Turks and to find another route to export Persian silk into Europe. This item was among artifact which were on display at the Smithsonian Institution. For more information Google search "The Tsars and the East: Gifts from Turkey and Iran in The Moscow Kremlin".