Ardashir Mirza and Solayman Khan Saham-Al-Doleh Review Their Troops

Era: Qajar Period, Persia
Date: 1850-1851 AD
Material and Technique: Gouache heightened with gold on paper
Sold at  Christie's Auction
Sources: [1], [2],[3]
اردشیر میرزا رکن الدوله قاجار در حال سان دیدن قشون
This painting is sold on Christie's auction. It portraits Ardashir Mirza reviewing his troops. Prince Ardashir Mirza Rukn al-Dawla (1805/1806-1866) was the ninth son of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza Qajar. He originally served some local governments on behalf of his father. After the death of Fath Ali Shah in 1834, and followed by the revolt of several princes, he became responsible for dealing with Prince Ismail Mirza in Khorasan Province. On his return after his successful campaign in Khorasan, he was appointed the governor of Gorgan and Esterabad for seven years. In 1857, he was given the title of Rukn al-Dawla and was sent to rule Azerbaijan.

During the reign of Naser al-Din Shah, he was appointed as governor of Luristan and Khuzestan in order to end some local disorder at the time. At the end, he became the governor of Mazandaran and Gilan. He was also a poet and his pen name was Agah e Qajar. His poems mostly have romantic themes.