Persian Kama Sutra Book Leaf

Era: Mughal Period, India
Date: 19th century
Size: 8 x 4 inches
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Sources: [1], [2]

Kama Sutra is the ancient India 's racy sex manual. This is another possibly Mughal manuscript written in Persian language. The painting shows the red sky at morning during sunrise while the couple are enjoying themselves at the riverbank. In the Mughal Empire, the Persian language flourished and played a major role in the court affair. Most of the Persians migrated to South Asia to prosper and obtain high positions in Mughal Empire. Many were Sunni Persians who felt discriminated in The Safavid Empire and migrated to mostly Sunni Mughal Empire. There were also rebels and nobles who lost royal favor and migrated to Mughal Empire. The Mughals also preferred to employ foreign Muslim officials that had little or no local interests and thus were loyal to the Mughal emperor. Another reason for emigration of Persian elites to Mughal Empire during the 16-18th centuries was the prosperity of Mughals compared to Safavid Persia.