Silver Medal, Order of Lion and Sun

Era: Qajar Dynasty
Date: 1920
Size: 65 mm in diameter
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Source: [1]

this medal is made of solid silver and measures about 65 mm in diameter. A seated lion & the Sun at center have been beautifully hand painted with color enamels. The name of owner and date  have been been engraved on the reverse side.

According to Wikipedia, the Imperial Order of the Lion and the Sun was instituted by Fat’h Ali Shah of the Qajar Dynasty in 1808 to honor foreign officials (later extended to Persians) who had rendered distinguished services to Persia. In 1925, under the Pahlavi dynasty the order continued as the Order of Homayoun with new insignia, though based on the Lion and Sun motif. This motif was used for centuries by the rulers of Persia, being formally adopted under Mohammad Shah. The order was senior to the Order of the Crown. It was issued in five grades.