Qajar Era Currency Bill

Bank note, paper currency.
Era: Qajar Period, Persia
Date: 1896
Face value: One Toman
Sources: [1], [2]

اسکناس یک تومانی قاجار
 In 1888 an English-owned New Oriental Bank established branches in Tehran and other cities, and for the first time Persians became acquainted with a bank in the modern sense. In 1889, Baron Julius de Reuter obtained from Nāṣer-al-Dīn Shah the concession of establishing the Imperial Bank of Persia and the monopoly of issuing bank notes in Persia. To read more click on this link: [3]. The Image below also shows two other types of Persian bank notes in Qajar era. Apparently, each bank note was payable in certain city within Iran.