Nadir Shah Afshar and His Court

Era: Unknown (Possibly Qajar)
Date: Possibly 19th Centuries
Materials and Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 46.5 x 34 cm
Sold at Christie's auction, London
Sources: [1], [2]

The seller's website claims that this painting was created in 18th Century. But due to the form of faces, I think it was created long after Nadir's death or even long after Afsharid Dynasty ended sometime in 19th Century or even early 20th Century. It is unknown whether it was created in Iran or India.

The richly adorned Shah wears a black robe and leans back against a pearl-embroidered bolster cushion upon a jeweled carpet, court officials and attendants stand around him depicted on a smaller scale all wearing luxurious garments, behind the figures the two sides of a large red curtain are pulled back revealing a landscape, each character is identified in highly stylized gold script.