Embroidered Safavid Ceremonial Coat

Era: Safavid Empire, Iran.
Date: ca. 1600.
Materials: Silk, linen, cotton.
Kept in Museum für Angewandte Kunst (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts or MAK) Vienna, Austria.
Source: [1].
کت صفوی - موزه هنرهای کاربردی - اتریش
I was searching for Kashan related material at MAK in Austria, when I found this textile. There was not a detailed information about this coat on the museum website, but it does belong to Safavid period. The coat is made of silk, linen, and cotton, and has beautiful human motifs and floral design. The distribution of human motifs in Safavid textiles was usually confined to an oblong panel intricately decorated with floral designs as a ground-work.