Afsharid Negotiation With the Mughal Nawab of Awadh

Era: Mughal Empire, India
Date: 19th Century
Materials and Technique: Color and gold on paper.
Size: H: 41.4 W: 54.7 cm
Kept in the Smithsonian's Museums of Asian Art, Washington DC, USA.
Sources: [1],[2],[3]

This painting shows the Persian officials negotiating with local a Mugual war lord, namely the Nawab of Awadh. This painting is most likely created during the Persian invasion of India. According to Wikipedia, Nawab is an honorific title ratified and bestowed by the reigning Mughal Emperor to semi-autonomous Muslim rulers of princely states in South Asia. "Nawab" usually refers to males; the female equivalent is "Begum" or "Nawab Begum". The primary duties of a Nawab was to uphold the sovereignty of the Mughal Emperor alongside with the administration of a certain province.