Afsharid Firearms

Era: Afsharid Dynasty, Persia
Date: 1736–1796.
Kept in Nadir Shah's Tomb, Mashhad, Iran.
Sources: [1], [2]
تفنگهای دوره افشار - موزه نادرشاه - مشهد
These are few guns made in Afsharid Period. Nadir Shah formed a powerful army out of the remains of the Safavid state. He succeeded in throwing out the Afghans while creating his new model army which grew in numbers and capability after each victory. His use of disciplined firearm equipped infantry routed the larger Afghan cavalry in battle after battle. Each battle saw him use his infantry more aggressively, initially they fought form behind cover while the cavalry smashed the Afghan flanks, while later his infantry fought more aggressively as their skills and confidence grew. This was a few years removed from the dismemberment of the poorly trained and internally divided Safavid army at the hands of the same Afghans.