A Safavid Persian Musketeer

Era: Safavid Empire, Persia
Date: 1600s
Possibly kept in Museum of Islamic Art (Museum für Islamische Kunst), Berlin, Germany
part of Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Sources: [1],[2]

Here, you see a young Persian musketeer. I think in it kept In Berlin Museum of Islamic Art. Persians were introduced to gun powder in Timurid dynasty. And gun seems to have reached Persia by the time of the Aq Qoyunlu ruler Uzun Hasan. The generic word for gun in Persian is Tofank. Actually, the original meaning of tofank was a hollow wooden tube used to hunt small birds by blowing pellets through it. The word tof, “spit,” is onomatopoeic, denoting the sound of forceful blowing through a tube. From the 16th century onwards the term usually appears as Tofang in the sources.  For more information about the history of firearms in Persia, study this on Encyclopedia Iranica: [3]