Portrait of a Zand Prince

Period: Zand Dynasty, Persia
Date: 1794
Materials and technique: Oil on canvas
Possibly kept in Negārestān Museum, Tehran, Iran.
Size: 142 × 68 cm.
Sources: [1], [2], [3]
 نقاشی یک شاهزاده، احتمالا لطفعلی خان - دوره زند
This is a rare sample of a portrait of a Persian prince in Zand era by indication of his headgear. In few history textbook in Iran, the subject of this portrait has been considered to be Lotf Ali Khan Zand [3], the last Shah of this dynasty. Due to internal conflict in 18th century Persia, he was captured at war by his main enemy, the future Shah, Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar. 

It is reported that Lotf Ali Khan was blinded after being raped publicly by royal grooms. He was castrated in revenge by Agha Mohammad Khan. Lotf Ali Khan was imprisoned and tortured in Tehran for nearly three years before being choked to death.

2/24/2013: I finally found more information on this painting from an article about clothing in Safavid to Qajar Persia in Iranica: [3]. I will fix the post.