Persian Style Tobacco Trading Card

Item: Duke's Cameo Cigarette Tobacco Trading Card
Origin: USA
Date: 19th century
Source: ebay
کارت سیگار سازی آمریکایی دوک با تصویر شاه قاجار - قرن ۱۹ میلادی
I found this item on ebay. It is an extremely rare nineteenth century cigarette trading card from Duke's Cameo Cigarettes made by W. Duke, Sons & Co. in Durham NC, USA. The card is divided in thirds, with the left section showing the Qajar coat of arms, the middle section the Shah of Persia (Naser al-Din), and the right section a Persian lady and a state flag. There are similar Duke's Cameo Cigarette boxes with showing US states or other countries as seen on the second image.

Note ( 2/17/2013) - I just noticed that Shahre Farang has a similar collection with many more Persian related Duke's trading cards. You may look at them here: [1]