Naser al-Din Shah Qajar in Military Uniform With His Army

Qajar Period, Persia (Iran)
Date: Possibly 19th century
Materials and Techniques: Possibly oil on canvas
Possibly Kept in Malek National Museum and Library, Tehran, Iran
Source: [1]

Photo: by Mr. Mohammad Ali Najib - Young {Iranian} Journalist Club
نگاره ناصر الدین شاه - کتابخانه ملک - تهران
This is clearly a painting of Nasser Al-din Shah Qajar, which seems to be located in Malek National Museum in Tehran. This library is one of the biggest libraries of precious manuscripts inside Iran. I didn't find it on the Malek's website, but there are few interesting items in their database. You can click on link 2 to see the Malek Museum's website. [2]