Zeynal Khan Shamlou

copper engraving
Date: 1604
Size: 23.6 cm x 15.4 cm
Sources: [1],[2],[3]
تصویر زینل خان شاملو - یکی‌ از فرستادگان صفوی به اروپا
Zeynal Beig Shamlou was a notable nobleman in Safavid Era. It seems he served as a military commander for both Shah Abbas I and Shah Safi. This portrait of him was possibly created when he traveled with Mehdi Qoli Beig to Europe. This work (titled Synal Chaen, persischer Botschafter in Prag) seems to be engraved in copper, and the artist is perhaps Aegidius Sadeler who was a famous painter and engraver and a member of the famous Sadeler family. [4]