One Thousand and One Nights

Painting & illustration
Qajar Period, Persia
Date: mid 19th century.
Possibly kept in Tehran, Iran.
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هزار و یک شب اثر ابوالحسن غفاری صنیع الملک
This illustration has been either created by Sani' al-Molk or under his supervision. The stories are taken from the old stories of Arabian Nights or One Thousand and One Nights but with a contemporary flavor of that period. Mirza Abol-Hassan Khan Ghaffari Kashani, also known as Abol-Hassan II and Sani-al-Mulk, is considered the first teacher of European style of painting in Iran. He lived from 1813 to 1866. Sani' al-Molk and his nephew Kamal al-Molk [6] were the leading painters of Qajar Period. There is another member of Ghaffari clan who was also a painter and lived in Zand Period. To see Abol-Hassan I's paintings click here: [7], [8]