Karim Khan Zand With His Horse

Painting & illustration
Zand Period, Persia.
Date: 1794.
Materials and technique: gouache heightened with gold on paper.
Size: 20.3 cm x 29 cm.
Sold at Christie's auction.
Source: [1]
تصویر کریم خان زند و اسبش - حراجی کریستی
This is another rare sample of art work in Zand Era, which shows the Persian monarch Karim Khan Zand wearing a turban and jewelled aigrette pictured in Isfahan in front of Ali Qapu Palace. He ruled Iran from 1750 to 1779 and is considered to be among the most generous Persian kings. He never styled himself as king. Instead, he used the title Vakil e-Ra'aayaa (Representative of the People). A young groom is also seen in the illustration washing the tail of a grey horse.  There is also one strange thing about this painting. It is mentioned that it was inscribed in the hand of Abu'l Hasan Ghaffari. After much research I realized that they are two Persian artists named Abu'l Hasan Ghaffari, who were related as matter of fact. [2] The younger and more famous one who is called Abu'l Hasan Ghaffari II or titled Sani’ al-Molk lived in Qajar period. He was a great nephew of the older painter. This painting was apparently created by the older Abu'l Hasan Ghaffari. [3]