Karim Khan Zand on Horseback

Zand Period, Persia.
Date: late 18th century.
Materials and technique: gouache heightened with gold on paper.
Size: 28.2 cm x 23 cm.
Sold at Sotheby's auction.
Source: [1]
تصویر کریم خان زند سوار بر اسب - حراجی ساتبی
Again, this work is attributed to Abu'l Hasan Ghaffari Mostafawi Kashani who was the great uncle of another famous painter called Sani' al-Molk. [2] This painting depicts Karim Khan Zand holding a bow in his right hand while riding a horse. Based on this painting, my assumption is that the Zand ruler was left handed. Also, it is interesting that the bow and arrow were still used in Persia in the late 18th century. To learn more about the art of Zand Era click here. [3]