Roundel With hunting Scene (Possibly Decoration For a Tent Ceiling)

Safavid Dynasty, Persia
Date: 1525 – 1550 AD
Medium or Technique: Silk and metal-wrapped silk; cut-and-voided velvet, brocaded.
Kept in Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, USA
Sources: [1], [2]

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  پارچه ابریشمی دوره صفوی با نقش شکار. موزه هنرهای زیبای بوستون
This beautifully decorated Textile was possibly used as decoration for a tent ceiling. It depicts a hunting scene with mounted huntsmen, dogs, cheetahs, and wild animals woven with cut silk pile. Its colorful design consists of red, blue, neutral yellow, green and black colors.

According to the museum's website, this textile was obtained in Persia between 1534 and 1554 by the Ottoman Sultan, Sulaiman the Magnificent. It allegedly remained the property of the succeeding sultans until the Battle of Vienna in 1683, when it fell to Prince Sanguszko, a general in the army of John III Sobieski [4] who was the most notable monarch of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Note: Make sure not to confuse the Battle of Vienna in 1683 [5] with the Siege of Vienna in 1529 [6]. The Battle of Vienna mentioned here took place on 11 and 12 September 1683 after Vienna had been besieged by Ottomans for two months. It was a battle of the Holy Roman Empire in league with the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth versus the Ottoman Empire. The battle marked the beginning of the political hegemony of the Habsburg dynasty in Central Europe. Over the next sixteen years following the battle, the Habsburg dynasty of Austria gradually occupied and dominated southern Hungary and Transylvania, which had been largely cleared of the Ottoman forces. - Wikipedia