Two Men Engaged in Sexual Activity, 19th Century

Possibly Qajar Period
19th century
Materials and technique: Pencil on paper 
Kept in Kinsey Institute Gallery.
Source: [1]
 نقاشی اروتیک دوره قاجار - گالری دانشگاه ایندیانا - بنیاد کنزی
According to the source, "Taverns were closely associated with homosexual activities in 19th century Persia." Many of these taverns employed young boys as cup bearers, Saghi, and entertainers. This drawing probably depicts such environment, because man stimulants have been included in the image. Most notable are the cigarette and hookah pipe that are depicted being used by the participants, and the bottle and cup of wine on the tray in the foreground. There is also a book (probably of poetry) in the foreground, demonstrating the close relationship between poetry and the erotica in popular culture.
To learn more about homosexuality in Persian art: [2]

Note (12/26/2012): One of my good friends has mentioned that the front subject is possibly a female figure due the shape of her buttocks. I figured I leave it as correction. Thanks Mahdis.