Topless Qajar Woman Holding a Shawl

Era: Qajar Period, Persia.
Date: mid-19th century.
Materials and technique: Oil and glue colors on canvas.
Size: 145 x 85 cm.
kept in The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Source: [1].
نقاشی یک زن قاجاری با لباسی بدن نما. موزه آرمیتاژ
The subject of the painting seems to be a woman from the royal harem. She is almost topless with her breasts and upper body fully exposed by a see through shirt. Her uni-brow is an element of the Qajar art, which was considered a sign of beauty and style at the time. One feature that is beautiful about this painting  is the form of her hair.

Again in this artwork, you can see the elements of European painting which were slowly introduced in Persia. However, Qajar painters did not fully follow the perspective and three dimensional styles.