Shepherds In a Landscape

Era: Safavid Period, Persia.
Date: circa 1675 AD,
Style and Technique: Watercolor on paper
Size: 12.2 x 16.9 cm
Kept in Agha Khan Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: [1]
 نقاشی دو چوپان اثر علیقلی جبه دار - دوره صفوی - موزه آقاخان - کانادا
Again, this painting has been done by the royal master of the Safavid court, Aliquli Jabbadar. Previously, we talked about his artwork [2]. He was among the first Safavid painters to incorporate the modern techniques into classical Safavid paining. In this painting, two shepherds with their herd of sheep and goats are seen. A shepherd dog is also pictured.  One of the shepherds is playing the Ney [3]. The Nay is an end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music making it one of the oldest musical instruments still in use in the region. Also, In the background, few domes, towers and buildings complete the composition.

According to the Museum's website, "Jabbadar was a European convert to Islam. His name suggests that he had come to Iran to work as an official in the Safavid armory. Apparently he abandoned making armor in favor of painting, though his eclectic style, neither wholly European nor Persian, may indicate that he was never thoroughly trained in either mode."

There are many paintings of Aliquli Jabbadar that are kept in famous museums as well as private collections.