Qajar Prince in Russia

This footage is part of a documentary film about the Russian Empire. In this episode, you can see a Qajar delegation sent to St. Petersburg to convey the Shah of Persia's regret about the murder of the Russian ambassador, Aleksander Griboyedov, and his staff  in Tehran. Apparently, when Griboyedov had arrived to the capital, he started to locate Georgian women who were married to Persian nobles in order to return them to Russia. This caused an anger in Tehran, and people stormed the Russian embassy killing the new ambassador. Click here [1], to learn more about Griboyedov.

Correction: Someone just left a note telling me that this movie is not a documentary. Apparently, it is a 2002 historical drama film called Russian Ark (Russian: Русский ковчег) directed by Alexander Sokurov. [2],[3]. To see the complete movie, you can click on link 3. One hour into the movie, the Persian prince appears.