Portrait of Agha Mohammad Khan

Qajar Period, 19th century A.D., Persia
Materials and technique: Oil on canvas
Dimension: 167.7 x 105.1cm.
Sold on Christie's Auction, England.
Source: [1]
More information about Qajar art: [2]
تصویر رنگ روغن آقا محمد خان قاجار. قرن ۱۹ میلادی
Aga Muhammad Khan , king of Persia, kneels on a rug, hand on hip, wearing a red embroidered robe with jewelled sleeves, tall pearl and emerald embellished hat, floral sash with dangling pearl tassle and dagger tucked in, with studded belt and sword of state in front of him and draped curtain behind.