Naser al-Din Shah on Horseback

Materials and technique: Watercolor, white, lead pencil and gold paint on yellow paper
Size: 23.5 x2 1.2 cm
Origin: Hungary-Russia, 1873
Artist: Mihaly Zichy
kept in The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
Source: [1]
نقاشی ناصرالدین شاه سوار بر اسب - موزه آرمیتاژ
This is a drawing of Naser Al-Din Shah of Qajar Dynasty on his first visit to Europe in 1873. On his first royal journey to Europe, the Persian monarch visited Russia, Prussia, France and England. In Russia, he was the official guest of Tsar Alexander II [2]. This drawing was commissioned by the Tsar and created by Mihály Zichy [3] who was an influential Hungarian painter and graphic artist of his time.