Karim Khan Zand And His Courtiers

A detail of Persian ruler Karim Khan Zand from an 18th century painting from Iran.
Classification: Painting.
Period: Zand Era, Persia.
Materials and technique: Oil and metal leaf on canvas.
Dimensions: 129.5 x 276.8 cm.
Kept in: Agha Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
Sources: [1], [2], [3]
تصویر کریم خان زند و درباریان. بر خلاف نقاشی‌های دوران افشار و قاجار سادگی‌ کریم خان در این تصویر مشهود است
In contrast to the Afsharid or Qajar imperial enthronement scenes of Nadir Shah (r. 1736-47 AD) and Fath Ali Shah (r. 1798-1834 AD) both of whom are decoratively depicted in full regalia, there are few indicators that this is an imperial image. Karim Khan wears a Zand turban but no official regalia. The informality of this casual smoking portrait relates to the style of his rule. Karim Khan Zand’s strong shoulders, the deferential posture of his courtiers, the monumentality of the columned porch and the sheer size of the painting itself convey the power of his rule and the stability he brought to Iran. It is possible that this painting commissioned after  Karim Khan's death. The images below only show parts of the full painting. - The museum's website