Coin of Shah Suleiman I of Safavid Dynasty

Safavid Period
During the time of Shah Suleiman I
Kept in the David Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
Source: [1]

Shah Suleiman I ,[2], was a Safavid monarch who reigned between 1666 and 1694 AD. He was the elder son of the Shah Abbas II. The young ruler had been raised in the harem and had no experience of the world outside. He was also addicted to alcohol and suffered from poor health.

According to Wikipedia, the David Collection is a museum of fine and applied art in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built around the private collections of C.L. David, who was a lawyer, businessman and art collector. The museum is noted for its collection of Islamic art from the 8th to the 19th century, which is one of the largest in Northern Europe.