An Amorous Couple

Qajar Period, 19th Century, Iran
Style and Technique: Gouache heightened with gold on paper Dimensions:  29.5 x 19.5cm
Sold at Christie's Auction
Source: [1]
نقاشی یک زوج در آغوش هم - دوره قاجار - حراجی کریستی
In this painting a loving couple is seen seated on a sofa. In front of them, there is a table with cups and bottles. The young lovers are embracing each other while both of them are holding a cup. Behind them, you can see a window in the background opening to a landscape with a nice scenery. The young man is fully covered while the woman has a see through shirt showing her breasts and upper body.

Again in this artwork, you can see the elements of European painting which were slowly introduced in Persia. However, Qajar painters did not fully follow the perspective and three  dimensional styles.

To learn more about Qajar art, study this: [2]