A European Lady - Safavid Painting

Circa 1665 AD, Safavid Period, Persia
Style and Technique: Gouache heightened with gold on paper
size: 14 x 9 cm
Sold at Christie's Auction
Source: [1], [2]
 نقاشی از یک زن اروپایی اثرعلیقلی جبه دار - دوره صفوی - حراجی کریستی
In this painting, a European lady is seen holding a fruit basket in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. In her background, a male figure with a gun at hand and a dog standing next to him can be seen. The painting is signed and dated below in black Nastaliq. It seems this painting was created in Qazvin by the royal painter Aliquli Jabbadar . Usually, the earliest Persian art paintings and drawings typically sized objects and characters hierarchically according to their spiritual or physical importance, not their distance from the viewer. In this painting however, one can easily see that the painter has followed the perspective laws. Modern painting techniques entered Iran as the Safavids increased their commerce with European countries.

Aliquli Jabbadar was one the most important painters of the Safavid Era. He was among the first Persian painters to have incorporated European influences in the traditional Safavid-era miniature paintings. Today, many of his artworks are kept in major international museums or private collections. [3],[4]. There is not much information about him, but he seems to be either of European origin possibly from Albania or of Caucasian origin from Georgia. Few of his works are kept in Metropolitan Museum of art in New York. You may view them in here: [5],[6],[7].