Reclining Nude

Safavid period, Persia
Date: circa 1590
Medium: Opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper
Size: Height: 32.1 Width: 20.8 cm
Sources: [1], [2]
نقاشی زنی‌ نسبتا عریان و دراز کشیده - دوره صفوی - موزه اسمتسونین - آمریکا
Riza Abbasi, one of the most celebrated Persian painters, was active during the reign of Shah Abbas I (reigned 1589–1629), the powerful ruler and patron of the arts. He was particularly celebrated for his idealized images of young men and women and Reclining Nude represents one of the artist's most sensuous and daring subjects. Prior to the sixteenth century, female nudes were occasionally represented in Persian painting but only as part of a cycle of illustration in a manuscript.
Riza's departure from accepted Persian pictorial themes may have been inspired by European sources, which had become increasingly available in Iran during Shah Abbas'rule. Instead of simply copying a European model, however, Riza's mastery of line and color has transformed and "Persianized" the composition into one of the most evocative paintings of the late sixteenth century.
- Few interesting notes: [3], [4]