The Safavid Cope

Cope or Jacket
Safavid Period, Persia
Date: Perhaps 17th century
Material: silk
Kept in Victoria and Albert Museum, England
Source: [1]

جامه ابریشمی صفوی منقوش به تصاویر مسیحی‌ - موزه ویکتوریا و آلبرت
This silk knotted-pile cope which has long been recognized as one of the important examples of Safavid pile-weaving of the 17th century. Dating from about 17th century, it combines Christian iconography together with the typical Safavid floral motifs and design. Its history is unknown according to the museum website, but it apparently was given to the Museum as fragments.
According to the Museum, there have been differences of opinion with regard to the religious community for whom the vestment was made. Interestingly, one can see angle Gabriel and crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the fabric.